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Experienced Legal Representation in Florida

Coye Law Firm represents injured consumers against insurance companies The attorneys and staff are honored to have helped thousands of people recover millions who have been injured.

Our attorneys offer free consultations for car accidents, personal injury, workers compensation, and Social Security Disability cases. We also do not charge fees in these cases unless we recover money for you. Contact our office today to get an experienced lawyer on your side.

Personal Injury Attorney

Every day people experience personal injuries due to the actions of another party. Disregard for safety standards can cause serious accidents that otherwise should have been avoided. Failing to protect another from injury defines a personal injury case. When a person or entity has not taken the necessary precautions for protecting those around them, they can be deemed responsible.

Workers Compensation Attorney

An injury at work can complicate your life by leading to necessary medical treatment and loss of wages. If you have been hurt at work, you may need legal representation to assist you in processing your workers' comp claim. Most employers carry workers' compensation insurance to provide for the necessary medical care of injured workers, and our attorneys are experienced at handling the workers' comp claim process from beginning to end.

Social Security Disability Attorney

Some people suffer from physical and mental limitations that prevent them from earning a living. The Social Security disability program exists for people in just this situation, and our experienced Social Security disability attorneys help people receive these benefits everyday. If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and been denied, contact a lawyer today. The Coye Law firm can help process your appeal and get you the benefits to care for yourself and your family.

Family Law

While it is true that many legal claims involve individuals or businesses, some other claims present challenges to families or couples. Depending on the family's situation, they may need help working through divorce, adoption, child support, or ownership issues. The family law attorneys of the Coye Law Firm want to help you and your relatives work through the legal issues facing families in today's world, no matter how routine or complex they may be.


The loss of a loved one can be made more difficult when you have to navigate through the complicated probate court system in Florida. Probate is the process in which a deceased person's property is collected and passed on after his or her death. The probate system can be very complicated and daunting. An estate needs to be probated regardless of whether the deceased left a will or not. The probate process consists of petitioning the court and having a personal representative for the estate named. The probate attorneys of the Coye Law Firm can help with every aspect of probate no matter how difficult it may seem.

With locations in Orlando, Clermont, Melbourne, Tampa, and Kissimmee to better serve you, our firm is able to help clients where it is convenient for you. Our attorneys may also be able to assist you in out-of-state matters. Our attorneys are dynamic and aggressive in their representation, and by calling us today, you can gain their guidance and assistance. Results may vary, but our goal is always to recover the most that you are entitled to under the law.

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