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  • The June Coye Law Newsletter I've been reminiscing on my most memorable travel experience - a trip to Egypt my wife and I took a few years ago. See why that made our trip even better!
  • Amber Williams named on 2016 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list Congratulations Amber Williams! Amber was named on the 2016 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list.
  • Have you seen Coye Law Firm's #TBT? Coye Law Firm has come a long way since this photo was taken in 2002. In fact, everyone in this photo (besides my wife, Joan - bottom right), is now an attorney.
  • Coye Law wants to feature your business in our monthly newsletter We depend on our clients for business just as much as our clients depend on us. That's why we want to take the opportunity to give back. If you are one of our amazing clients that owns a business in the Orlando area, we'd love to feature you, your story, and your business in our monthly newsletter, The Coye Law Chronicle.
  • Where did I donate 650 books? A few weeks ago, I announced that I was donating Success for Teens books to any schools in Orlando that might find it helpful. The response was great! Mrs, Simon, a teacher from Evans High School reached out to request 650 books.
  • Who is Coye Law Firm's newest attorney? Ursula became the newest attorney in our office when she was sworn into the Florida Bar last month. She is not new to our firm, however, and began working for Coye Law Firm in 2008.
  • The May Coye Law Newsletter I've been flying for over 20 years. When I bought my first plane, a Cessna 172, I forgot one crucial thing - I neglected to tell my wife...
  • Texting and Driving? Watch out for Textalyzer Textalyzer - the digital equivalent of the Breathalyzer, and a new provocative idea that would allow an officer to check your phone for recent activity.
  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month Trisha Viccaro lost her son, Garrett, in 2013 to a distracted driver. The 24-year-old was fishing with a friend off a bridge when a vehicle drove off the road, hitting and killing both men.
  • Lisiane Booz, 29, killed in hit-and-run crash 1) Look for surveillance cameras Do a survey of the area where the accident happened. A recording camera could be the key to finding the hit-and-run driver.