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Homeowners Insurance

Although it is not required in the state of Florida, homeowners insurance is one of the most crucial investments to make. The coverage provided by a homeowners insurance policy can help you recover from routine problems or catastrophic natural disasters--something Florida is no stranger to. If you are buying a home and considering different policies, or considering the terms of your existing one, review the information on this page to determine the legal implications. The Coye Law Firm's experienced homeowners insurance attorneys can help you get the coverage and legal advice you need.

Areas of Coverage in Homeowners Insurance

As mentioned previously, homeowners insurance is not required in Florida. However, if you own a pet or have a swimming pool, you may need some form of liability coverage depending on where you live. This is to protect anyone who should come in contact with these dangers. Additionally, the absence of a state mandate doesn't mean that mortgage companies don't require insurance. Mortgage lenders require homeowners to buy insurance as a condition of the loan. Therefore, information on this type of coverage is important to all homeowners.

Homeowners insurance may cover damage or loss of any of the following depending on your policy:
  • structure (the home itself)
  • other structures (such as sheds, detached garages, etc.)
  • personal property (the contents of the home or other structures)
  • loss of use (compensation for having to stay outside of the home)
Damage to your home can result from:
  • fire or lightning
  • vehicles
  • vandalism
  • theft
  • explosions
  • aircrafts
  • windstorm or hail
  • and many more
A guide to homeowners insurance is available through the Florida Department of Financial Services. The guide not only details the basics of homeowners insurance, but it also contains information on insurance agent credibility and alternative options.

Most homeowners insurance policies do not include coverage for damages caused in flooding. For this kind of coverage, you may need to look into purchasing a separate flood insurance policy.

Has your home been damaged in a hurricane? Is your insurance company denying coverage? You may need an attorney for storm damage insurance disputes .

Buying a Policy

It is important to review your policy in any type of insurance claim. Be sure that you understand any and all exclusions listed in the policy. Homeowners insurance is vital because of the massive expenses that come with having to repair the necessary components of a home. Homeowners most often cannot pay for these expenses out of pocket and their insurance policy protects them from having to do so.

There are a number of factors that go into calculating a homeowner's monthly premium for insurance coverage. For example, a homeowner may want to insure her belongings for actual cash value as opposed to replacement value. This means that if the roof of her home is damaged in a hurricane, the insurance company will calculate how much the roof was worth and give that amount to the homeowner. If the roof is old, it may be worth much less than the cost of replacing it, costing the homeowner more money. These decisions are something to be discussed with an insurance agent. However, to understand the legal liabilities you may face by certain coverage choices, consult a homeowners insurance attorney at the Coye Law Firm.

Homeowners who are considering running a small business out of the home may have specific insurance concerns. See an overview of some considerations and options to discuss with an insurance agent or attorney here.

Legal Problems

Insurance disagreements can arise in any type of insurance relationship. Be sure to visit the insurance disputes page to learn more about the options available and how the Coye Law Firm's insurance dispute attorneys can help you.

To prevent problems, consider the following steps in safeguarding your homeowners insurance policy:
  • Make copies of your policy and don't keep them all in the same location. In the event that your home is destroyed, your record of your policy may also be gone.
  • Keep an inventory of personal property. Updating this list every few months can protect you from a dispute with insurance adjusters, especially if picture and receipts are kept with it.
  • Read and understand your policy carefully.
Disagreements over insurance coverage in Florida most often arise from catastrophic natural events, such as sinkholes or hurricanes.

The Department of Financial Services has many guides for consumers when choosing or using their policies.

If you are in the market for homeowners insurance or are in the midst of resolving a claim, you need the experienced and comprehensive legal advice of the Coye Law Firm. Our insurance lawyers can help you determine the amount of coverage you need, your responsibilities under the policy, and what events you should file a claim for. Your home is an investment you can't afford to leave unprotected. Call our firm today .