Understanding Your Claim for a Better Settlement

In order to get the most out of your accident claim you need to not only understand your options, but also how to pursue them. We can help you explore every avenue of your case, while also educating you on how to maximize your settlement. Come see how our knowledge can help your future.

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  • Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit in Orlando If a personal injury claim is not resolved through negotiation, the case may have to go into suit.
  • Benefits for Personal Injury Victims in Florida There are many categories of personal injury claims, but car accidents and slip-and-falls are two of the most common.
  • Pain and Suffering Some accidents and injuries can leave a person dealing with physical problems, but they may also be suffering emotionally or in their personal life.
  • Loss of Consortium When a person is injured, their family may be able to claim benefits for the loss of economic and emotional relationships.
  • Medical Resources Around the state of Florida there are multiple low and no cost resources for medical care, dental care, family planning, and more.
  • How to Pay Medical Bills After An Accident in Florida Understand your options for paying medical bills, understanding the billing process, dealing with collection agencies, and more after a Florida accident.
  • Government Claims People can file claims against the county, state, or federal government.
  • Foreclosure Foreclosure occurs when a homeowner fails to pay their mortgage and the lender repossesses their home.
  • Due Care What is due care? Where did due care come from? How does it relate to my personal injury claim?
  • Dental Injuries Sometimes, personal injuries can occur in the places you least expect it, such as a routine visit to the dentist.