Child Support Issues

When two people have a child, they have a responsibility to provide for that child's routine needs as it grows up even if the parents are no longer involved in a relationship with each other. Child support payments help provide for the monetary needs to child's growth, including school, food, shelter, health care, and other standard human needs. The Coye Law Firm works for what is right in the process of a child support claim: providing adequate protection for a child's welfare. If you are paying child support but not getting credit for it, we want to help you establish truth in your claim. In some situations, we may be able to help parents help collect payments that their child's mother or father is not paying.

Situations that Require Child Support

When a child's parents separate or divorce, their family unit is broken. They almost never maintain a single home for the child to be raised in, and their income is not combined to support their child. Divorce or separation most often leads to one parent having to pay child support to the other.

Amount of Child Support

There are some standard expenses for raising a child, but there are other financial considerations that go into calculating the monthly amount a parent needs to pay in child support. The Department of Revenue is the government agency responsible for enforcing child support payments. Their website states that a child support payment is based upon: Income of both parents Health care & child care costs Standard needs of the child The Dept. of Revenue lists a child support calculator at their website for parents to estimate their monthly contribution.

Child Support Enforcement

Some individuals try to avoid paying child support, which is a punishable offense. Not only is it unfair to their child, but it also hurts the other parent's financial situation. Nonpayment of child support is a punishable offense and can lead to jail time. However, a parent who has too little income or assets to pay monthly child support may avoid this punishment. The system is designed to provide for a child's welfare when possible.

Notification of Payments

If you are a parent and order to pay child support, make sure the appropriate agencies are made aware of each payment. Because divorced or separated couples may use this situation to act spitefully towards each other, it is important to have a paper trail. Otherwise, your child's other parent may collect your monthly payment and claim in the future that they received nothing. This is a tricky situation to resolve, so try to prevent this situation by going through the proper channels before it becomes an issue. Child support is an important part of family law, but it can also be one of the most disputed. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed during a child support claim, an attorney may be able to help. Call the Coye Law Firm for a consultation about your rights and options when it comes to providing support for your child or children. Contact us today at 800-648-4941.