Common Mistakes in Initial Disability Applications

The Coye Law Firm is dedicated to helping individuals and families recover from the financial stresses that result from a disabling injury or illnes. Some people may have an easier time trying to get disability benefits if they remember simple tips to making the application process go more smoothly. We want to point out the common mistakes that people may make on their initial application for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. 

1. Not applying as soon as you can.

As soon as you are unable to work due to a disabling condition or injury, apply for benefits. The waiting period for benefits can range anywhere from three to five months. If you're out of work and not earning an income, you and your family need those benefits as soon as you can get them.

2. Not including ALL of your ailments.

Some people consider their most recent or severe injuries or conditions when filling out an application for disability benefits. It is understandable why they think that this might help them, but it can really hurt the application. The Social Security Administration needs to see how the whole person is disabled. You should include physical injuries, mental conditions, regulated diseases such as diabetes, and all other conditions that contribute to your daily hardships.

3. Exaggerating your ailments.

The best advice in describing your disability is to do it truthfully. Don't leave any conditions out, but don't exaggerate them either. Some people may act like their pain is much worse than it is during a doctor's exam in order to show that their life is negatively affected. But this does nothing but show a doctor or medical professional that you bend the truth from time to time. The SSA wants to pay for true claims, so be honest in your application.

4. Waiting too long to appeal.

You have 60 days from receiving a denial letter to file an appeal. As soon as you find out that you were denied, call a disability lawyer at the Coye Law Disability Center. It is absolutely essential that you follow the Social Security Administration's appeals procedure and deadlines. If you want a favorable decision, you want to play by their rules.

5. Not hiring a lawyer to represent you in an appeal.

An experienced attorney knows how to navigate an appeal for a denied disability claim. People who elect to represent themselves can quickly become overwhelmed with the paperwork, deadlines, jargon, and offices they have to deal with. The disability lawyers at the Coye Law Firm represent claimants on a contingency basis. This means that you don't pay us any money unless we win your case. If you do win, we collect a percentage of your back benefits so you never pay for our services out of your own pocket.

The attorneys and staff of the Coye Law Firm want you to be awarded disability on your first try. Unfortunately, most claims are denied and you need to appeal a denied claim. Call our offices to schedule a free consultation with someone who can guide you through the Social Security Administration's appeals process.