Hit and Run Car Accidents

Hit and run accidents are frustrating situations to say the least. Minor damages or injuries can be made much worse by a driver fleeing the scene of an accident. These irresponsible drivers make hit and run victims feel helpless and as if they have little options.

The Coye Law Firm's experienced car accident attorneys will pursue all recoverable benefits in your hit and run case. Our staff offers valuable guidance for car accident victims. We do everything we can to find the person responsible for your accident and bring them to justice. Negligent drivers should take responsibility for their actions, and calling the Coye Law Firm is the first step in that process.


Duty to Provide Information

Florida drivers are required by law to stop when they are a part of an accident involving injuries or property damage. In fact, they are also expected to provide "reasonable assistance" to injured victims at the accident scene. It may seem obvious that a person needs to stop their vehicle and exchange information following an accident, but some drivers simply don't want to take responsibility for their actions. What's worse is that hit and run drivers can cause serious injuries, property damage, or deaths due to negligent driving and still flee the scene.

Essential Elements

If you have been in a hit and run accident, cooperate with police and insurance companies in order to find the driver who hit you. Try to take note of the car's make, model, color, or defining characteristics so that law enforcement can track down a hit and run driver. Make sure you notify your car accident attorney and police officers of anyone who witnessed the accident. The smallest details can help find the driver who hit you, so try to be as detailed as possible when recalling the car accident.

Protecting Yourself

A hit and run car accident case can be difficult to resolve. Florida's no-fault insurance system dictates that a driver's own policy pays for personal injuries, but the at-fault driver pays for property damages. If the at-fault driver is nowhere to be found, then recovering payments for your property damage may be impossible. Before you find yourself in this situation, evaluate your car insurance coverage. Collision coverage can pay for your property damage in a car accident if you don't have the hit and run driver's insurance information.

The Coye Law Firm has pursued car accident damages for victims for over 20 years. Our hit and run accident lawyers know the best strategies and outlets for resolving an accident claim, even if the at-fault driver fled the scene. Call us today to begin the road to recovery.