Insurance Disputes

One of the most common aspects of personal injury law is protecting people from their own insurance companies and other large insurance companies that become involved in legal disputes. After an individual is injured in an accident, they must file a claim with their insurers. While insurers often do make payments on claims related to personal injury accidents, other times they may:
  • inappropriately deny claims
  • make insufficient payments
  • delay payment
  • make unreasonable demands

Bad Faith Insurance

Every insurance company has a duty to deal with the individuals they insure in good faith. As a person with significant experience in insurance law, Wade B. Coye offers his clients a great deal of expertise and familiarity with handling insurance disputes. If you have been injured and are experiencing trouble finding compensation for your injury, contact our experienced insurance attorneys and legal staff for aggressive, personal service.

We handle disputes related to: 
  • Automobile Insurance
  • No Fault Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
Bad faith claims and insurance disputes can arise in any context, including personal injury accidents and incidents of property damage. At The Coye Law Firm, we take pride in helping individuals with any insurance dispute in and around Central Florida, from homeowner’s insurance to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policies.

Types of Insurance Claims

Bad faith insurance claims result when insurers wrongfully deny claims. Sometimes this occurs when the value of the claim exceeds the limits of the insurance policy. In other words, an insurance company may deny a claim, leaving the insured personally liable for verdicts in excess of the policy limits.

Other types of insurance claims involve an insurer’s refusal to honor the terms of the policy. Homeowner’s insurance, for example, is meant to protect individuals from liability for accidents that occur on the policy holder’s property. Many times, an insurance company denies payment, claiming that the damages which resulted were not covered by the policy.

Visit our page about the process of resolving claim disputes to learn more.

Sometimes, though, your insurance claim may be a little more different than you think. Through contracts and terms and agreements, you may have signed an arbitration clause without even realizing it, which will require you to settle your dispute in binding arbitration outside of court.

If you have filed a claim under the terms of your policy and been denied, contact our Florida offices for an insurance dispute lawyer who cares about finding the compensation you deserve and seeing that the policy you purchased is paid according to it's terms. With offices in Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, Kissimmee, and Clermont, the attorneys at the Coye Law Firm are ready and able to serve you and bring you justice. Contact us today .