Intersection Accidents

Have you ever encountered an intersection with a broken traffic light because of a hurricane or power outage? Drivers everywhere dread these situations because of the disorder and confusion that occurs. Traffic lights and intersections help regulate traffic patterns, but are also the sites of many car accidents. 

The Coye Law Firm guides people dealing with intersection accident injuries through their cases towards a successful resolution. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will ask the right questions, file the right paperwork, and hold the right people responsible for your personal injury and property damage in an intersection accident. If you've been in a car accident in an intersection, contact us today .

Multiple Factors

Intersections are dangerous places by their design. Two or more roads meet at a traffic light, where drivers are supposed to stop their cars and wait patiently for other vehicles or pedestrians to cross. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. 

A driver may run a red light in order to avoid waiting to continue on their way. In their impatience, they cause car accidents and damage. These collisions are catastrophic in terms of injuries and property damage because drivers often have to speed up in order to make it past a changing yellow light. This kind of intersection accident leads to a rear-end car accident, t-bone accident, or head-on collision and quit often serious personal injuries.

Intersections are busy and confusing for people unfamiliar with a particular area. If there are pedestrians or bicyclists in the area, then it is even more dangerous. Use caution when turning right on red or doing a u-turn. People move in all directions when roads meet and the confusion may lead to a collision or car accident. If a driver fails to observe traffic laws, then they are acting negligently and you have the right to pursue damages.

Medical Attention

If you are injured in a car accident, get medical treatment for your injuries immediately. Minor accidents can still lead to major or lasting injuries, so visit a doctor or hospital for treatment. Even if you think your injuries are not serious, seek medical attention. Your documented treatment is essential to getting your medical bills paid. 

The Coye Law Firm is ready to take your intersection accident claim. Even if you think the circumstances are too confusing or liability is too difficult to prove, give our offices a call. Our personal injury lawyers can thoroughly investigate your accident in order to get you the benefits you need to recover. contact us today for experienced and aggressive representation.