Medicare Insurance Coverage

Medicare is a public health insurance program usually available to people over the age of 65. People living with disabilities or serious illness can get this government-sponsored coverage as well. Those who receive Social Security Disability benefits are also eligible for Medicare coverage because the disability requirements are the same for both programs.

While Medicare can't completely cover your medical bills, it is a great help if you're under financial strain. To be eligible for SSD, you need to have paid a certain amount of payroll taxes. Medicare is financed by these taxes as well, so the two programs work closely together. 

Medicare has four parts:
  • Part A pays for inpatient care in a hospital, home, or hospice.
  • Part B pays for doctors' and medical services.
  • Part C is almost a combination of parts A and B.
  • Part D pays for medications that doctors may prescribe during your treatment.

You can get Part A Medicare coverage without paying premiums if you have received Social Security disability benefits for the past two years. In fact, the Social Security Administration automatically enrolls SSD beneficiaries in Medicare 24 months after they become eligible to receive disability. These 24 months are a "waiting period" for the Social Security Administration to determine whether or not the applicant has alternative forms of healthcare, such as through a former employer. 

If you decide to try working, your Medicare coverage does not end immediately. Work programs allow people receiving Social Security disability benefits to reintroduce themselves to employment. They can earn a wage and receive benefits for a certain period of time, and Medicare coverage is no different. If you still have a disability and decide to work, you can get Medicare benefits for at least 93 months following the trial work period. 

If an injury or illness is keeping you from working and earning the wages needed to support your regular lifestyle, any benefits can help. If you have questions or concerns about your medicare coverage and disability benefits, call the Coye Law Firm. Our disability lawyers can advise you on all benefits you may be entitled to receive.