Understanding Your Claim for a Better Settlement

In order to get the most out of your accident claim you need to not only understand your options, but also how to pursue them. We can help you explore every avenue of your case, while also educating you on how to maximize your settlement. Come see how our knowledge can help your future.

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  • Orlando Car Crashes Orlando is no stranger to car accidents. They can be disorienting events, so victims need to know how to handle the situation.
  • Multiple Car Accidents Having more than one accident on your driving record can affect your ability to claim benefits.
  • Insurance Spousal Immunity and Family Exclusions When your insurance policy has an exclusion against family members, but Florida state law allows for lawsuits between spouses.
  • Insurance Disputes Insurance disputes occur when insurance carriers refuse to pay benefits on claims.
  • Insurance Dispute Process Insurance lawyers know that companies are experts at disputing and denying claims.
  • Insurance Claims File an insurance claim with your insurance company if you need benefits from a policy.
  • Injured Passenger Passengers injured in car accidents have questions about where to file claims and how to get benefits.
  • Hit and Run Hit and run accidents are frustrating because there is no driver to hold responsible for property damage.
  • Getting A Florida Drivers License An overview of the process of obtaining a drivers license in Florida and how an attorney can help.
  • Cars and College Students Car accidents may be particularly confusing if you are a college student. Here is some information on how to handle these delicate situations.