Car Accidents Caused by Red Light Runners

Traffic lights are designed to regulate traffic and keep order on America's busy roads. When a person approaches an intersection and the light is red, cars are supposed to stop. Unfortunately, not all of them do. Whether a person runs a red light on accident or on purpose, they are ignoring the established road laws. If their actions cause an accident, injuries, and property damage, they should be held responsible.

The Coye Law Firm's experienced auto accident attorneys can help you recover money lost due to property damage or injuries caused by a negligent driver. Our offices are prepared to handle a case involving multiple sources of liability and benefits.

Red Light Accident Causes

Car accidents happen for many reasons because there are many cars and hazards on the road. Stop lights are at intersections in order to keep order when traffic comes from many directions. When drivers don't stop at red lights, they can cause serious problems.

Sometimes, people run red lights because they are distracted and don't notice a light change. Other drivers run red lights in order to avoid stopping and extending their drive time. Red light runners may get through the intersection without causing a problem, but others can cause catastrophic accidents.

Whether the at-fault driver intentionally or accidentally ran a red light, they did not take due care when driving. This is negligence, and you have the right to pursue damages if you have been injured or your car has been damaged in a car accident. 

Treatment and Recovery

If you're injured at all in a car accident, seek medical attention. Small injuries can signal or create larger medical issues and you need a qualified doctor to help you heal. Before you worry about medical bills or property damage, get a doctor's help. We'll worry about recovering money for your medical bills after your health and safety is ensured.

Once the reality of a car accident sets in and you or a family member are ready to recover damages, call the Coye Law Firm. Our dedicated attorneys and staff can work with you to pursue your case. Home and hospital visits are available if you've been injured in a car accident caused by a red light runner.

Car accidents caused by red light runners don't need to happen. If you were an innocent driver and injured by a driver who ran a red light, you need an attorney. The car accident lawyers at the Coye Law Firm can help you recover physically and financially from a negligent driver's actions.