Retirement and Disability Income

A lot of people think that the Social Security Administration only pays benefits to people who are retired or at retirement age. But that isn't the only benefit that this government agency pays. This page discusses how age and retirement income affects disability benefits. The Coye Law Firm is an experienced group of disability attorneys that can help you understand the details of your claim. If you have questions about how your claim and benefits will be affected by reaching retirement age, call us today. Retirement does not change the amount of benefits you receive because Social Security Disability and Retirement benefits are both calculated by your lifetime earnings. The SSA starts to call them "retirement benefits" instead of "disability benefits," but the amount doesn't change. "Retirement age" changes yearly, so here is a breakdown of those ages according to the year you were born. 1937 or earlier - 65 years

1938 - 65 years and 2 months

1939 - 65 years and 4 months

1940 - 65 years and 6 months

1941 - 65 years and 8 months

1942 - 65 years and 10 months

1943 through 1954 - 66 years

1955 - 66 years and 2 months

1956 - 66 years and 4 months

1957 - 66 years and 6 months

1958 - 66 years and 8 months

1959 - 66 years and 10 months

1960 or later - 67 years

Supplemental Security Income benefits are treated in a similar way to SSD. The benefit amount doesn't change, but they are referred to as retirement benefits once the person reaches retirement age. Depending on the terms of your disability insurance policy, your benefits may change based on additional income from retirement. Veteran's Pension is payable to people who are 65 or older, living on limited income, served in the military during wartime, and are permanently or totally disabled. If a veteran doesn't meet the income requirements for pension, then they can get standard retirement benefits from the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration helps people of all ages, not just those who are retiring. If you are approaching retirement age and still receiving disability benefits, call our office if you have any questions or concerns. Our staff is knowledgeable in all disability claims and retirement rights. Call us today.