Job Placement Assistance for Veterans

Our Mission:

The Coye Law Firm is developing services to assist in job skill evaluation and placement for injured workers or veterans returning to the civilian job market after military service. We at the Coye Law Firm understand how difficult the job market is at this time and we want to be there to help.

At our Orlando office location we are available five days per week to meet with injured employees or veterans and asses their current job skills and possible job placement opportunities. We have access to a wealth of information for various job placement services and are glad to be of assistance in any way possible.

No Charge

Contact the Coye Law Firm today to schedule a 15 minute consultation (time limit not subject to negotiation) at no charge.

We need to develop and promote and free job assistance for all injured workers who have lost their job due to an on the job injury and all veterans who have returned to the civilian work force and cannot find a job. We will promote this in our email list, our web page and other sources. I envision this as something that we can have people come to our Orlando office, we can do a brief job assessment, review their prospects and make suggestions and recommendations of places to look for work.