Veterans Disability

Veterans of all branches, including marines, soldiers, and sailors, are entitled to wage protection much like civilian workers. Instead of workers compensation policies, the military pays veterans' compensation benefits to service members who cannot work. Military service men and women who have sustained a disabling injury or developed a disabling condition while on active duty can get compensation if they are unable to work or continue their service. This page discusses how veterans can qualify and apply for these much-needed benefits.

Qualifying for Veterans Disability

To qualify for veteran's disability compensation benefits, a person must:
  • have a disabling injury or condition related to active duty service in the military
  • have a disabling injury or condition that was made worse by serving in the military
  • have been discharged under conditions that were not dishonorable
You may be awarded more benefits if you have:
  • a severe disability
  • lost a limb
  • a spouse
  • a child or children
  • dependent parents
  • a disabled spouse

Applying for Veterans Disability Benefits

The application for veteran's benefits can be completed through the mail or online . The form you need is called the Veterans Application for Compensation or Pension, also known as VA Form 21-526. In order to receive additional benefits for family members or severe disabilities, include marriage certificates, birth certificates, and doctor reports with your application. 

As with any insurance claim, keep track of any paperwork, medical bills, and correspondence as it relates to your claim in order to get the maximum disability benefits.

You can estimate the amount of benefits you can receive by consulting the chart available from the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs .

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