Workers' Compensation and Warehouse Injuries in Orlando

   Warehouse operations can be very dangerous for workers. Operations include constant movement between forklifts, trucks backing up to loading docks, moveable/portable loading docks, and more. Warehouse workers must facilitate, move inbetween and around these operations all day. There is a high chance for devastating injuries to occur. 

Common injuries may include:

   There may be more than one case involved for warehouse injuries. For instance, if an employee is injured on a portable loading dock, there would be the obvious workers’ comp case for the injury, but there could also be a personal injury case against the owner of the moveable dock and the manufacturer as well.

    We have represented clients who were injured by equipment, such as portable loading docks and dock levelers. The injured worker could have been employed by the warehouse or by another company who was delivering something to the warehouse.

Get the Evidence

   It is important that evidence of the incident is collected:

  • Check video surveillance: Most warehouses and work premises are under constant video surveillance which should be requested as early as possible.
  • Get witness information: If other people are present, it may be important to obtain statements or contact information of witnesses or someone familiar with the defect that caused an injury.
  • Take a photo or video: If a warehouse injury occurs due to a defect of the premises or a piece of equipment, a photograph or video should be taken as soon as possible after the injury. A simple photo or video taken by a smartphone would suffice.

      Warehouse personnel and machinery must work together in order to stay safe. When someone is negligent, employees can get hurt.

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