Permanent Total Disability

Unfortunately, some at-work accidents are so catastrophic that they leave employees dealing with injuries for the rest of their lives. If the injured worker can not work for the rest of their life due to injuries caused in a workplace accident, they may be able to claim permanent total disability benefits from their workers compensation insurance carrier.

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Permanent Total Disability Benefits

Permanently disabled workers are those that are unable to work because of their at-work injuries. These individuals still need to provide for themselves and their families, but may not have any income to do so if they are out of work. Disability benefits help injured workers support themselves and their families if they are unable to work and earn an income. Permanent total disability benefits, also known as PTD benefits, are payable to workers whose on-the-job injuries leave them unable to work for the rest of their lives.

Qualifying for PTD

Medical treatment from an authorized workers' compensation doctor is essential in getting benefits, including those for a disability. Your doctor will track your progress and determine when you've reached maximum medical improvement or "MMI." Reaching MMI means that your condition is not expected to greatly improve with continued treatment within a reasonable amount of time. If your doctor puts you at MMI and your injuries are too severe for you to begin working again, you may be able to claim permanent total disability benefits.

Amount of PTD Benefits

Permanent total disability benefits vary according to many different factors. To estimate your PTD benefits, theFlorida Department of Financial Services recommends that you call the Bureaus of Monitoring and Audit at 850-413-1608. A representative there can give you an estimate of how much you are eligible to receive in PTD.

An Attorney's Help

A workers compensation lawyer can help you through any part of the claim. Whether you're having trouble getting approved for coverage, finding a doctor, or getting all of the benefits you are entitled to, a work comp lawyer at the Coye Law Firm wants to help. Individuals and families dealing with permanent disabilities may need help getting benefits for these difficult and lifelong impairments. Call our offices today at 800-648-4941 for a free consultation.