Negligent Security

When consumers go shopping or walk through a parking lot, they expect a certain amount of safety. The premises liability laws in Florida provide this security by requiring property owners to maintain a relatively safe area. However, some hazards aren't as easily fixed as broken sidewalks or uneven stairs. Negligent security claims are a more specific facet of premises liability claims against property owners. If you find that you may have a case after reviewing the information on this page, call the Coye Law Firm and schedule a free consultation. After you speak with an attorney, you may find that you are entitled to personal injury benefits.

Many premises liability claims come from property owners failing to maintain the physical state of their property. For example, an uneven sidewalk causing someone to fall and break their ankle may be pursued in the justice system for damages. 

Negligent security claims are a little different because they deal with the property owner's ability to predict dangerous events occurring. For example, if an apartment complex owner has received several reports of break-ins and refuses to hire a security guard to patrol the grounds to prevent further crime, they are contributing to negligence. If the next victim of a break-in can prove that the complex owner didn't act with due care to protect the tenants, then they may file a claim. 

Property owners can protect the people on their property by using:

  • security guards
  • closed circuit televisions
  • educational materials for tenants, staff, or those invited onto the property
  • policies and procedures
  • security devices
The most important aspect of a negligent security claim is proving that the property owner was negligent in their measures to prevent crime. Keep documentation or take pictures to strengthen a potential case.

Unfortunate Outcomes

Negligent security claims can result in many other unfortunate or damaging events. As in the example above, robberies can occur. Assault, injury, and sometimes death can occur due to a property owner's failure to provide security measures. If you or a loved one have experienced hardships because of inadequate security, you need the legal protection offered by the Coye Law Firm. Our negligent security attorneys can help you hold property owners responsible if anything should go wrong as a result of their oversights.

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