Have You Been Injured On the Job? Discover How to Get Your Medical Bills Paid, How to Calculate Your Wage Loss Benefits, What to Do if Your Workers' Comp Claim is Denied, and Other Tips from Orlando's Expert Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Have you been injured at work? If so, these questions have probably crossed your mind...

1. How does workers' comp pay me?
2. Can my employer fire me while on workers' compensation?
3. Can I still work and get workers' compensation?
4. How do I know if I need to hire an attorney? And if I do, where do I even start?

These are just a few of MANY questions from the injured employee I help everyday. And it's no wonder...workers' compensation can be an incredibly confusing and complicated process. That's why I wrote the book: Sharing the Secrets, Learning the Lies: A Guide to Florida Workers' Compensation.

Discover POWERFUL SECRETS and COMMON LIES of Florida Workers' Compensation 

If you are someone you know is struggling with the workers' comp process get the FREE PDF download of my workers' compensation book and you will be squared away in no time.

From my book you will learn...

  • The one thing you MUST do within 30 days of a work injury (page 16)
  • How to fill out a First Report of Injury form (page 20)
  • The first step you need to take to receive wage loss benefits (page 54)
  • What medical decisions your employer can make for you (page 26)
  • How to protect your benefits after being placed on light duty (page 38)
  • How to deal with rude workers' compensation doctors (page 39)
  • Disastrous workers' comp traps to avoid (page 83)
  • Others methods to pay for your medical costs (page 45)
  • What "maximum medical improvement" means for a claimant (page 63)
  • ...and much more.​

All of this information is absolutely free if you have been injured on the job in Florida. 


And don't worry, this is not a book for lawyers or law students, it is a book for you – the everyday consumer. ​You won’t find any dreary legalese or “lawyer language,” in my book (such as formal technical terms or statute definitions). I define all legal terms in plain language and summarize the key points at the end of each chapter.

Why Did I Write This Book?

"A few years ago, I had a memorable client who was in a very serious accident.

This client had just started a new job and revealed to me that she was very concerned about being able to pay her costly medical bills. This client was memorable to me because she was interested in learning and understanding the details of her case. 

She did not want to make a mistake that might cost her and every time I met with this client, she would lament, “I wish I knew this before I called you.” That’s when I realized I needed to write a book for people like this client. Everyday people who want to avoid making mistakes with their case."
- Wade Coye

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