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 Thank you for your interest in our July newsletter. This month we introduce you to our very own Jennifer Betancourth who served honorably in the marines, Coye Law Attorney Amber Williams provides insight into surrogacy and we shed light on a deadly virus that is harming one of North America’s most common mammals.
Meet Jennifer Betancourth
You can take the woman out of the Marines, but you can’t take the Marines out of the woman.
Jennifer Betancourth is a Marine veteran, mother, and our office Controller. Jennifer fought in the Gulf War serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Click here to learn more about Jennifer’s life.
From Surrogacy to Adoptions, Exploring Your Options

For some couples and aspiring parents, having a child may not be possible due to either health issues or other reasons.

Fortunately, there are options available to those who wish to become a parent by other means.

There are a number of facts to know before you consider surrogacy or adoption. Click here to learn more.

Bat Populations Taking a Major Hit
There was a time when the little brown bat was so common that researchers did not even bother to count the population.
These days, the species is now on the brink of extinction.
Click here and find out the disease responsible for killing nearly 6 million bats.
A Blaze of History

Ever wonder where the famous line, “Oh, the humanity!” came from?


In 1937, the German airship Hindenburg fell from the sky and crashed into the earth in a fiery blaze.


Click here to learn more about the devastating tragedy and the cause of this catastrophic fire.

Wade B Coye

The Secret Solution to a Quicker Case

Mr. Coye headshotIt’s no secret that the legal system does not evolve as quickly as technology. If you or someone you know have had a legal case, you know how slow the process can be at times.

Lately there have been some positive changes that allow consumers to receive quicker results on their case.

 One of the greater changes is the use of e-mail. Every Court system that we participate in uses it. With the passing of time, all lawyers and law firms must use e-mail. 

In fact, lawyers are required by the Florida Bar and the Court system to have an email address, and all systems now solely use electronic and/or fax filing.

These days, a client is at a disadvantage if they do not have an e-mail address and use it regularly.

There are some parts of the system that are still not electronic. For instance, Workers’ Compensation insurance lawyers insist that many documents are notarized, and current law requires an in-person meeting with a notary. This law may change in the future, but for now it is still a non-electronic process.

Those who do not have a smart phone or Internet acces
can set up a free Google mail account at their public library. While visiting a library takes a bit of time, it is nothing compared to the time saved by the end of a case.

Having an e-mail account increases the speed of information which in turn saves money for us and our client. 

E-mail makes it quicker for our clients to share information with my team. The sooner we receive important information, the sooner we can handle it and provide our clients with prompt updates on their case. In many systems, you can barely file anything with a Clerk of Court’s office if you do not have e-mail and Internet access. Some systems still allow paper filing, of course, but the waiting periods are much longer.

For instance, the Social Security Administration allows manual filing, but making an appointment can take two weeks. Whereas you could fill out the application online instantly the moment you are unable to work due to sickness or illness.

You can even access accident reports, your insurance information, and your bills online. Doctor’s offices are setting up medical portals to allow direct access to medical records as well.

If a friend or family member have a legal issue, help them set up an e-mail account. The instant access will save enormous time and money.


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Orlando officer run down in traffic stop. How will he provide for his family?

Mr. Coye headshotOn Monday, July 13th Orlando police officer William Anderson was working a security detail at a McDonald’s on South Kirkman Road. Around 2:45 a.m. he responded to a call about reported gunfire nearby and pulled over a car that he saw leaving that area.

 When Anderson walked up to the car, a passenger bolted out the door. When Anderson moved towards the front of the car to pursue him, the driver of the car attempted to run Anderson over.

Anderson fired his gun as the car came barreling towards him.

The car that ran him over was found burning in Gotha several hours later. The driver has been arrested and is facing charges for attempted second-degree murder and resisting an officer with violence.

Anderson has been hospitalized.

What kind of benefits could Officer Anderson receive?

 Because Officer Anderson was injured on the job, he and his family could have a number of legal issues to consider, especially if the injury becomes life or career threatening.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Officer Anderson could put his PIP benefits on notice to reserve wage loss while he is in the hospital or cannot work. If he does not tell his insurance company to put the benefits on notice then they may be automatically used to pay his initial medical bills.

Workers Compensation (for medical bills): Anderson’s medical bills could be paid by the City through Workers Compensation. Of course, Workers Compensation does not always provide the best of care, only minimal care.

Workers Compensation (for wage loss): Workers Comp could also pay wage loss benefits if Anderson cannot work. The amount depends on his actual out-of-work status. Typically, the governmental entity (in this case, the City of Orlando) will pay for sick time, vacation time, and other benefits so that there is minimal to no disruption of income.

Workers comp will pay 66 2/3 of the officer’s average weekly wage from the thirteen weeks before he was injured, a benefit that will continue for a maximum of 104 weeks.

Health Insurance: Because Anderson has health insurance, if a dispute arises with the City about his medical care within the workers compensation system, it may be necessary to use his health insurance to get needed care.

This is often times overlooked as a possible solution to difficulties with the Workers Compensation system and claims adjusters who are more concerned with ensuring that they provide the minimum benefits under the Workers Compensation system rather than working to help the officer get well.

Personal injury claims against the driver: Anderson would have a claim against the driver who injured him. He would have a bodily injury claim against his automobile insurance company and against the owner of the hit-and-run vehicle in question. Hopefully, Officer Anderson has a sizable uninsured motorist policy that he can use to obtain a settlement for his damages.

Short-term/Long-term Disability: If Anderson has a short-term or long-term disability plan, then letting the insurance company know immediately that he has suffered serious injuries can speed things up if there is a need to pursue those benefits as well.

Social Security Disability: If it appears that Anderson will not be able to work again after the hit-and-run, then he needs to file for Social Security disability as soon as possible. He can file online at, but it can take 1-2 years to receive benefits so filing early is important.

Medical Retirement: If there is a career-ending injury then the City may consider allowing a medical retirement as part of their pension system rules. However, until that takes place, the indecision and unknowns for Anderson and his family will continue.

Exploring all the options early and understanding the interrelationship between the multiple areas of the law are critical for Anderson and his family.

Click here to watch the YouTube video.

Click here for full news story.

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How a small Workers Comp case gave one man a million dollar settlement

Mr. Coye headshot Sometime ago, a client came into our office who had been injured at work.

 The man worked on a construction site and had hurt his back while doing work on the steel rebar being placed in preparation to pouring concrete. He started treating with a Workers’ Compensation doctor who was not entirely sympathetic, but nevertheless, put him on a no work status. He received minimal care and treatment that continued for a short period of time.

This client did not have any means of transportation, so the Workers’ Compensation insurance company provided him with rides to his doctor’s appointments and therapy session (they are required by law to either pay for transportation to medical appointments or provide it).

Then, the unexpected happened and the car our client was riding in was struck from behind.

In the crash, our client injured his neck and sustained further injury to his back as well. Since our client was being transported by the insurance company, he now had an additional case to receive medical care as well as a claim against the driver who caused the car crash.

Unfortunately for our client, his condition never improved. We eventually filed a claim for disability benefits and, after a long fight, he was accepted as permanently disabled by the Social Security Administration.

We helped our client settle his case with both the Workers’ Compensation insurance company and the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In the end, our client received a settlement of over one million dollars at the conclusion of his cases.

As you can see, an injured person can have more than one case from the same incident. At our firm, we work to discover every avenue of money recovery for our clients. If you need a law firm who is prepared to handle multiple cases and make sure that you get the highest, best possible reward you deserve, please give us a call.

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P.P.S. Is this a pitch for new cases? Of course! But we find it best to pitch to YOU.

Refer us a case, we really do appreciate it. 



Interesting Image
Interesting Image

Happy 4th of July! Don’t Celebrate Without This…

Happy Independence Day!

Mr. Coye headshotThe Fourth of July is a time to spend time with friends and family and celebrate our Independence from Great Britain. To help with your celebration I have included the firework schedule for different Central Florida counties. Have Fun and Drink Responsibly.

Lake County

July 4: Mount Dora 4th of July celebration, Mount Dora. Independence Day celebration with a parade on Donnelly Street, live music and fireworks at Gilbert Park. Sponsored by the Rotary Club. Free.

July 4: Fourth of July celebration, Leesburg. Celebrate the Fourth of July at the Venetian Gardens in Leesburg. The event will include fireworks, live entertainment and games. Festivities start at 6 p.m.Admission is free.

July 4: It’s a Grand Old Flag, Tavares. Independence Day celebration at Wooton Park with parade and fireworks. Festivities start at 3 p.m. Admission is free.

Orange County

July 3: Red, White & Brew Bash, Orlando. Celebrate the Fourth of July during the Red, White & Brew Bash at Howl at the Moon piano bar. The event will include Miller Lite and 86-ounce Cherry Kool-Aid bucket specials. Festivities start at 7 p.m.

 July 3 and 4: Red, White and Brew, Orlando. Celebrate our country’s independence at the Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando. The party starts at 9 p.m. on July 3 with a block party and live music. On July 4 from 4 p.m.-midnight, take part in the $10 all-you-can-drink Samuel Adams beer garden, Korndogg Karaoke, live music, games and food.

July 4: Fireworks at the Fountain, Orlando. Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon around beautiful Lake Eola in downtown Orlando with games, activities, live entertainment and delicious food, followed by a fabulous 30-minute fireworks display at night. Admission is free.

July 4: Fireworks at Avalon Park, Orlando. Experience the Fourth of July Celebration in Avalon Park. The event will include fireworks, an apple-pie bake off, hot dog-eating contest, bike parade, a wet and dry bounce house and community performances. Festivities start at 5 p.m. Admission is free.

July 5: Baldwin Park Independence Day Bash, Orlando. Celebrate Independence Day with live music, shopping, interactive games, a food and beer garden, a bounce house and a fireworks display. Festivities start at 5:30 p.m. along New Broad Street in Village Center. (Facebook login required)

July 4: SeaWorld Orlando’s Fourth of July Celebration, Orlando. SeaWorld will celebrate Fourth of July with fireworks and music at Bayside Stadium. The festivities start at 9:30 p.m. with a singing ensemble and nine-piece

July 4: Rockin’ Fourth of July Celebration, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. A disc jockey will kick off this music-filled evening at 6 p.m. at the sorcerer’s hat. Rock band Mulch, Sweat and Shears will take the stage at 7 p.m., and fireworks will light up the sky at 10:15 p.m. The celebration is free with park admission.

All week: Red, White and Blue Extravaganza, Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This weeklong event features a patriotic-themed parade plus food. Festivities run from July 1 to July 7. The celebration is free with admission (one-day pass: $95 plus tax general, $89 plus tax ages 3-9, free ages 2 and younger).

July 3: Old-Fashioned July Fourth Celebration, Winter Park. Beautiful Central Park downtown is the site of this lively festival featuring patriotic music, a parade, hot-dog-eating contest and other activities for the whole family. Admission is free.

Osceola County 
July 4: Fourth of July Celebration, St. Cloud. Celebrate Independence Day along the laid-back St. Cloud Lakefront with live music, carnival rides, a petting zoo, classic car show, model stock car racing, an arts and crafts show, food and fireworks display. Admission is free.


Happy 4th of July,




courtesy of US Army CC by 2.0


June Newsletter

The Coye Law Newsletter is here!
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I hope you enjoy our June newsletter. This month we cover a few topics on the importance of safe driving such as staying safe while celebratory drinking, the dangers of texting while driving, and what to do when your car is totaled. We also introduce a story on Dale McDyer, who has been working in claims for 52 years. Check out additional interesting articles about a blood test that may detect cancer tumors and some facts you might not have known about the Titanic.
Meet Dale McDyer
Dale MyDyer is a private investigator for Ereyago Investigations and has 52 years insurance claims experience.If you can believe it Dale turned 78 on January, 2015. Click here to learn more about Dale’s life.
Don’t be a Texting Dummy
No text message is more important than a life. Most texts are short messages, such as “OK” and “on my way” , and those words should never be the cause of someone else’s death. To read a compelling story about why you shouldn’t be a Texting Dummy click here.
Paying for a Totaled Car
If you have had the misfortune of being in a car accident then you might be told your car has been “totaled” Click here to learn what this means and how you can possibly get more money.
Drive Safely, Grads!
Congratulations on graduating from high school or college. You now have the rest of your life ahead of you. Click here to learn important tips about partying safely and remember the drinking age is 21 years old.
If you would like to stay up-to-date with everything happening at Coye Law Firm, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to send you an email or hard copy of our monthly newsletter.


One of the Secrets in Personal Injury Cases

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Many personal injury cases where liability is clear and there is adequate insurance to pay for losses can still be frustrating for the injured person and their family.

The frustration is usually worse when the accident was preventable or caused by someone’s carelessness, such as texting while driving, not paying attention to cars ahead, running red lights and so on.

Interesting Image

You would think that when someone has clearly and stupidly hurt someone, damaged their car, and inconvenienced them that settlement of their case would be quick and easy. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. If a case is settled promptly, it usually still leaves the insured person with additional problems and medical bills despite the “quick settlement.”

The problem is usually that medical treatment is either, inappropriate, missing or minimal. There are several reasons for inadequate medical treatment, such as lack of health insurance,

Since damages in personal injury cases are heavily influenced by the medical problems a person is having, the quality, type and duration of medical care are very important to the case outcome. difficulty in locating a doctor who will accept health insurance and will agree to provide testimony if needed in court, or just flat out finding the time to actually go to the doctor on a regular basis.


To learn a more about one of the secrets in personal injury cases, see my video: Go to the Doctor!




No way! My wife’s NEW car-hit just hours after purchase!

Last year my wife’s 1999 Toyota minivan with over 250,000 miles on it was near the end of its life. The children used to call it the “Swag Wag”, and it was really a 2nd home for car pools, sports events, and lots of road trips for nearly 15 years. So as all our children have grown and even our youngest is mobile, with a driver’s license, I decided she needed/deserved a new ride.

So I bought her a Tesla-for those of you who don’t know, it is electric and a beautiful piece of technology.

She took possession of the Tesla at 1:00pm and then at 4:30pm, while she was driving our daughter and her friend to volley ball practice, a woman ran a stop sign (texting and driving) and hit the side causing substantial damage.

Because Tesla’s are new technology the repair cost was sizable-no problem because the at fault driver stepped up and accepted responsibility- unfortunately it took over two months to fix the car.

The first time we called the insurance company, they initially refused to pay for the reduction in value due to its having been in an accident.

This type of damage is called diminution in value. It is rare for insurance companies to offer to pay diminution in value as a damage after your car has been repaired. To be fair, small fender benders with minimal damage do not result in much, if any, reduction in value. Diminution in value is a damage appropriate when a car, usually worth over $10,000, had sufficient repair work following an accident which would cause a reasonable buyer to offer less than a similar car with no previous damage.

In the end we had to hire an expert to canvas the market place to prove diminution in value and the insurance paid. And my wife loves her NEW car! If you have a new car or a used car that is fairly new or has decent remaining value and it is in a wreck make sure you make a diminution in value claim.



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How to Avoid the Insurance Company Using the “F” Word On You!

Mr. Coye headshotThoroughly complete the intake form. Doctors need this information to be able to help with your care. Although nurses help fill out the intake forms and doctors order test and complete care. They need a solid look at your pre-existing conditions. Put every detail of every injury on the intake form.

 It helps your case! In modern medical care record keeping, many professionals only document the problems pertaining to the specialty.

 For instance, if you have some type of fall and you hurt your back, neck, shoulder, hand and the insurance company sends you to an orthopedic surgeon for your back (because in the scheme of things that was the major problem when you first went to the hospital), that orthopedic surgeon who likely is specifically trained in backs will only reference your complaints as they relate to the back.

The doctor may omit complaints that you have about your neck, your shoulder, your knee or anything else that you banged up. Then when in their expert opinion they don’t think they can do anything for your back, they release you months after the fact. If you then want treatment for the other parts of your body, the insurance company may then deny further care claiming that you never complained about it to the doctor!


But if you had noted the parts of your body that you injured when you fell on the patient intake sheet, even if the doctor didn’t treat you or make a note about those other body parts, a record has been made and even the doctor will have to concede that you “complained” about it during his care.

Being very specific about prior conditions also keeps you out of trouble because insurance companies love to throw out the “F” word in connection with your care.

 They love to engage in a practice called post claims underwriting which means after you get hurt they love to look at your records generated by the doctor, then obtainyour old medical records and compare them and see if in their mind you were honest about your pre-existing conditions and if they don’t think you were, to then accuse you of fraud.

 If they are successful in this they can deny you all future benefits.  So make sure you are complete on the records you are filling out at the doctors office.  It will help you get better care, make your workers comp case better and keep you out of trouble.

Hang in there and get well!


P.S. Want EXTRA knowledge about Florida Worker’s Compensation click here for my free report

A Quick Update on my New Personal Injury Book


Wade Coye, personal injury attorney

Wade Coye, personal injury attorney

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce that I’m nearly finished with a book  which I have written for consumers.  The purpose is to give people a starting point when they have had a tragedy in their family and aren’t sure what to do. To be frank, I originally wrote a book last year that after editing and completion I realized it was too much of a “how to” book on personal injury.  You can imagine how terribly boring it was, perhaps a bit like watching paint dry!  I have found in over 25 years of law practice that as much as I want to give clients complete information on the ins and outs of a case, sometimes its TOO MUCH INFORMATION.  Sometimes, clients just want the essentials to avoid problems and mistakes, leaving the details to me.

 The book will cover a variety of issues often encountered by those initiating an injury case and those who are in the middle of one. Some of the topics will include how to determine the true worth of your case, the implications of insurance on potential compensation, how to deal with doctors involved in your case and how to find the right lawyer.

My working title is “Sharing the Secrets, Learning the Lies: A Personal Injury Guide”  This may change but the concept will not.  I anticipate the publisher finalizing it in the coming few weeks and will have it available on Amazon and some other vendors.