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Hiring a lawyer is a very intimate decision. I value our relationship and work to completely understand the impact that a legal case has on you, which I believe is invaluable to obtaining the best result possible. If we are to work together in a legal case, it is important that we get to know each other...

I was raised on a dairy farm in central New York. I learned the important principles of hard work and honesty at a young age while working with my father and grandfather. In addition to farm work, me and my brother committed to a paper route for the Syracuse Herald Journal which we delivered seven days a week.

I have a variety of life experiences, from serving members of Congress in Washington D.C. to serving in the United States Army Infantry, 1/41st Infantry Battalion, 2nd Armored Division, Fort Hood, Texas. I also served under the Command of Lt. Colonel Franklin W. Trapnell, Jr. As a result of my military service, I am immensely aware of the issues that veterans face.

I received my law degree from the University at Buffalo Law School, receiving a Juris Doctor, Cum Laude and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1989.

I have practiced law in Central Florida for over 25 years, representing thousands of consumers in large and small, simple and complex legal cases in Florida, New York, District of Columbia, Georgia and Michigan.  

My wife, Joan and my five children are the lights of my life. I met Joan at a Methodist church picnic. We were married in that church and still attend today.

I formed the Coye Law Firm in 1991. I was an early adapter of the internet, appearing on one of the first national lists of lawyers using the Internet in 1995. My multi-disciplinary expert legal team handles cases as diverse as personal injury, workers compensation, disability, probate and family law. We have recovered millions on behalf of our clients and  obtained outstanding results in a variety of cases.  If you were to visit our office, the first thing you would hear is, "How can we help?" Our goal is to be helpful with a client's legal matters. Our practice areas and office revolve around our efforts to help our clients. We find that a client may have several legal matters that have arisen from one incident. To get a better result we find it best to coordinate efforts.

For instance, if a person was on-the-job while driving a motor vehicle and was in an accident, this injured person could have a workers compensation case, a personal injury case, a no-fault case, possibly a social security disability case, a long term disability case and possibly a case against their health insurance company. In some situations, a person may have a family law matter that has been somewhat caused by the loss of income from an accident. We find the same applies when there has been a death.

A case like this requires both a probate action and a wrongful death suit, along with other areas of the law to coordinate. The interrelationship between these practice areas means that if your lawyer doesn't understand each area well and coordinate benefits appropriately, then you, the client, may not receive the best result. However, the veteran experience you can expect from our firm insures that utmost care will be given in the handling of your case and maximum compensation will always be sought, regardless of your case’s circumstances.

We are committed to defending the rights and reclaiming compensation for those who have been injured. The Coye Law Firm is proud to serve the people in central Florida in their search for justice.

Wade B. Coye
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