David MacWilliams

David MacWilliams

Case Manager
  • Coye Law Firm
  • 730 Vassar St, Suite 300 Orlando, FL 32804
  • 407-648-4940

David MacWilliams is a senior case manager. He is a graduate from the University of Delaware, Class of 1974 with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Latin American Culture. After working 7 1/2 years with Travelers' Insurance Company as a field Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor focused on medical management, he entered the legal field full-time in Ocala, Florida.

After 12 years with another practice where he specialized in medical analysis and litigation case preparation applicable to Social Security Disability, personal injury, and workers' compensation, David joined the Coye Law Firm in 2007. He speaks, reads, and writes fluent Spanish. Dave and his wife of 41 years have two sons, and family life is very important to them. He also enjoys ethnic cooking and is an active member of the Marion County Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT).

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"Thank you David for keeping me lifted... during our first conversation I felt as though the world had been taken off my shoulders."
Thanks to the Coye Law firm I have a wonderful new life. They did for me what others were too lazy to try and do in the legal system, and they WON for me. Thank you to David and Dan Smith for keeping me as lifted as you could doing the time it took, and for giving me a happy ending. To anyone needing help with Social Security Disability....you cannot ask for a better law firm. I know because I visited several of the ones full of hot air before speaking to Mr. MacWilliams.....during our first conversation I felt as though the world had been taken off my shoulders. If filing for SSA disability, don't try to fight them alone........save yourself many tears and anxiety and call this law firm. I met Mr. Coye and I can tell you it starts at the top...he is a gentleman and has a wonderful team. -D.D., Facebook Review