Theresa M. Correa

Theresa M. Correa

  • Coye Law Firm
  • 730 Vassar St, Suite 300 Orlando, FL 32804
  • 407-648-4940

Theresa is an undergraduate who is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Central Florida. For her, working at the Coye Law Firm means getting to learn and grow in an environment similar to the one that she will be exposed to as a member of the legal profession in the future.


As a Legal Assistant in our Worker's Compensation department, Theresa enjoys connecting clients with attorneys who can better assist them with their cases. Her ability to actively listen to and document their needs definitely makes her a valuable asset to our team.


Every phone call she has instantly sparks her motivation to provide support to our clients in any way that she can, and that's something we will certainly continue to admire about her.


She hopes to continue improving her knowledge of the legal field and eventually attend law school in order to apply her skills to a career in the real world.


In addition to working at the Coye Law Firm and attending classes at UCF, Theresa works at the Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. During her free time, she enjoys going to the movies or relaxing at the beach.


This past summer, she even traveled to Italy for a study abroad trip! The picture on the right shows her directly in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.


We are so appreciative of Theresa’s constant determination to satisfy the needs of our clients, and are confident that you will be just as satisfied with the quality of your interactions with her.