Stephanie Torres

Stephanie Torres

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  • 730 Vassar St, Suite 300 Orlando, FL 32804
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Stephanie was born in Bronx, New York and moved to Florida in 2005.

She began working at Coye Law Firm part-time as an undergraduate, assisting in the workers' comp and hourly departments by drafting demands, communicating with clients, and managing Probate cases. After she graduated from Barry University School of Law, and passed the Florida Bar in 2018, she returned to Coye Law Firm as our full-time workers' compensation attorney!

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her two children, and reality TV shows are her guilty pleasure.

We appreciate the assistance that Stephanie continues to provide our clients, and are confident that you will be just as pleased with her services.

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"It takes a lot to impress me...and Stephanie was awesome!"
I was very stressed in the beginning of my claim - I was a mess. But after I talked to Stephanie I felt so safe. I was not worried at all.
Stephanie was very clear about the steps we would take, very confident, and transparent. The transparency really meant a lot to me. I had another attorney but I told him 'Thank you, but I'm going to Coye Law Firm.' It takes a lot to impress me, and Stephanie was awesome! She knows what she is doing and I highly recommend her. - S.I. Oviedo, FL