Ursula Remy

Ursula Remy

Ursula Remy

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  • Coye Law Firm
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Originally from Peru, Ursula moved to the United States when she was only three years old! Her family has lived in Brooklyn, New York; Bensalem, Pennsylvania; and El Paso, Texas before finally moving to Florida in 1999.

Ursula first began working at the Coye Law Firm as an intern, answering phones and handling paperwork. Always looking for a challenge, it wasn't long before Ursula began managing client's files and settling cases.

Today, Ursula is our expert in Personal Injury claims.

She has three degrees and a certificate in Crime Analysis. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree and Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida, and her Juris Doctor from Florida A&M University College of Law. She passed the Florida Bar in April, 2016.

Ursula has three sons, Tristen, Henry, and William. In her free time, she enjoys coaching Tristen's soccer team, volunteering for the Orange County Sheriff's Office, and tutoring.

See What Others are Saying About Ursula 

"Ursula went above and beyond..."
Beyond professional. Ursula went above and beyond to understand and relate to my legal issue. She understood it was a timely issue that needed immediate attention and she went to work the same day as my consultation. I have nothing but praise for Ursula and the whole team at Coye Law Firm. I would highly recommend them to everyone that needs legal help. - P.M., Orlando, FL

"She really inspired me as a person...she is very passionate about her job..."
I really don't know what I would do without her, it's not just that she is patient and walk you through all process without hesitation over and over again she really inspired me as a person, she is very passionate about her job, seek to really help and advice what's the best for her client, there's not enough word's that i could say about her. My divorce case suppose to be easy and quick but we went through some complications that she took care of it like it's nothing for her, she's went way beyond to help me and that is something i will never forget. I wish there's more people like her who really care and not doing their job just for money, her firm is very lucky to have her, I thank you a million time Ursula for all that work you did for me, you are trully amazing lawyer and God bless you for being the way you are. :) - S.V., 

"...Shows a true care about the person, and what one may be going through."
Ursula, is very precise in the way she handles herself, and shows a true care about the person, and what one may be going through. I continue to look forward to Her working hard with Her co-pilot, :"if you may:, as she moves with care through my case. - Stephen

"She was very professional and truly cared how I was progressing..."
Ursula handled my personal injury case regarding a slip and fall accident. She was very professional and truly cared how I was progressing after the fall and subsequent surgery. She always made herself available if I needed to talk either over the phone or in person as to how the process was proceeding which was important since I had never been thru anything like this prior to this accident. - L.W., Palm Bay, FL

"Ursula...brings a level of clarity, organization, and persistence..."
I was injured in August of last year. Ursula Remy handled every complication and kept me in the loop every step of the way. Because of their team-based approach, everyone in the personal injury department had a working knowledge of my case; even Wade Coye himself, who would send me quick updates. 

Having worked with Wade for years before and during law school, Ursula's experience shows. With it she brings a level of clarity, organization, and persistence I'm sure you'd be hard-pressed to find at any large and famous law firm.

I didn't expect much at all in the way of a settlement.  I was just happy not to worry about bills and instead focus on my physical recovery. Though in the end, through the work of Ursula and her exceptional team, I received a bit more than 80 percent of what I thought I'd recover.

Wade, Ursula: I hope we never have to do this again. But if I'm ever injured in the future... you'll be my first call. Thank you. - C.G., Orlando, FL

"Ursula Remy was awesome, helpful, and very understanding"
Thank you to this firm for taking such good care of my case. Ursula Remy was awesome, helpful, and very understanding. She always made sure that I knew what was going on and that my needs were being met. Efficient and honest. Thank you Coye Law Firm! - C.M.

"Ursula...always answered my questions...loyal, dependable, and trustworthy."
After my accident, a lawyer I knew warned me that my case would get lost in the paperwork if I went to a big law firm in Orlando and he recommended Coye Law Firm to me. He said Coye Law Firm was one of the best small law firms in Orlando and that I wouldn't get lost in the shuffle. 

In my first meeting they expained the whole process to me and made sure I was clear on everything. It made me feel more comfortable to know about the process and it made me feel like Coye Law Firm had my back. Since then I always felt like Coye Law Firm was on my side and taking care of me. 

The best part about working with Coye Law Firm is the great communication. Ursula and Matt always answered my questions and if they didn't know the answer to something, they would find it for me and call me. Choose Coye Law Firm, they are loyal, dependable, and trustworthy. - D.C., Kissimmee, FL

"Ursula was awesome!"
When my accident happened in 2014, I was definitely worried because the other driver told his insurance company that it was my fault. A friend told me about Coye Law Firm and two days later, Dale was at my house, taking pictures of my car, and handling everything. 

Overall, my experience has been exceptional. Coye Law Firm is trustworthy, responsible and very efficient. Everyone in the office is nice and good at responding to my emails and phone calls. Ursula was awesome! I had a lot of bills racked up from my accident since I missed a lot of work. Ursula was able to cut me a portion of the check I was guaranteed so that I could enjoy the holidays and travel to see my family. - J.O., Windermere, FL

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