“I was bitten by a Raccoon, while taking the trash out in my Apartment Complex. What should I do?”

Wade Coye, Esq.

Wade Coye, Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorney

Everyone knows that if a wild animal bites you, you should seek emergency medical treatment, to prevent rabies, especially if the bite breaks skin. The most common post-exposure treatment is a vaccine is given in four doses, over a fourteen-day period.

It can cost anywhere from $2000 to $7000 for the post-exposure treatment. While some of this may be covered by insurance, it is still an expensive process. In addition, if you need this treatment, chances are you’ll have to go to a hospital to receive it, as most primary care doctors or clinics to don’t keep the vaccination in the office. The additional cost of the hospital visit only makes this ordeal more stressful and expensive.

Now, who is responsible for paying these medical bills? Is the person who was bitten totally responsible for the costs, or does the victim have a personal injury case against the apartment complex where the bite occurred?

According to the Florida Premises Liability Law, the owner, or person in possession of the property may be held legally responsible if the attack happened on their property, and you were lawfully allowed to be there. However, it also depends on whether the property was negligently maintained. This means that the property must have been in a dangerous or defective condition at the time of the injury. The owner also must have been aware of the dangerous or defective condition, and made no effort to repair the condition or warn of the possible dangers. Poor lighting by the dumpster could be one of many reasons why the apartment complex could be held responsible.

It is important that you do not wait to receive medical treatment for the animal bite, as this could make the situation worse, both medically and legally. You should also notify the property owner of the incident immediately. If it is found that the property owner is liable for your injuries, they will be responsible for reimbursing your medical expenses. You could also be eligible for compensation of lost wages, and pain an suffering.

To make a claim against the apartment complex, you may need the help of an experienced attorney who knows how to handle premises liability cases. Every case is different so, contact us here at the Coye Law Firm, where our experienced Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys would be happy to give you a free consultation on your case.

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