A few years ago, my kids asked me the same question every father hears this time of year...

"What do you want for Father's Day?"

I thought about it, but there really wasn't anything that I could think of that I needed. As a father, the happiness of your children is enough of a gift. After sitting down to think about it for some time, I realized the only thing I truly wanted was a clean garage.

My daughter Austin wasn't too thrilled to clean, and even said "Oh Dad, why couldn't you just ask for a new tie!"

But now every year for Father's Day I get a clean garage and I couldn't be happier! It's truly the little things that matter.

So what do you get for the Dad that doesn't need anything?

6 Unique Gift Ideas to Wow Your Unique Dad!

1. Chores around the house

Does your dad need a garage cleaning too? Perhaps the lawn needs to be cut or his office needs to be organized? Trust me, Dads appreciate getting these things off their to-do list!

2. Make him a photo keychain

A photo keychain is a great way to give your dad a memory he can take with him anywhere. Try using a different photo for each set of keys that he has.

3. Create new memories

Instead of buying him a gift, how about creating new memories by taking your dad to the movies, a comedy show, or dinner at his favorite restaurant? My wife Joan and I love visiting the Orlando improv.

4. Put together a Car Wash Kit or a Tool Kit

Then go a step further and wash his car! Give your dad the gift of that new car smell!

5. Create a coupon book

What’s better than one gift? Multiple gifts! A coupon book does just that and shows that you spent time thinking about what things he needs most, like coupons for back rubs, foot massages, chores, breakfast and whatever else you can think of!

6. Cook him breakfast in bed

Food is always the way to someone’s heart and your dad is probably no exception. Get up early and surprise him with this gesture first thing in the morning!

Father's Day gifts don't have to be expensive. Sometimes the most rewarding and sentimental gifts are absolutely free. Whatever you get your father on Sunday, just remember that he will love it, because he loves you even more!

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