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  • Why Your Veteran Benefits are Taking So Long As a veteran myself, I enjoyed writing this report for my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. I also enjoyed creating the character Drill Sergeant Carl...
  • The 5 Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in Orlando Lake Eola is a definite hot spot for Pokemon players in Central Florida. One lap around the lake will give you dozens of items from pokestops, not to mention plenty of...
  • The July Coye Law Newsletter I hadn't traveled anywhere outside of North America until I was 36 and went to Paris for the first time. Since that time, Paris has held a special place in my heart. Now, my wife and I go often. Maybe I'm making up for lost time.
  • What do lawyers do when they're not working? My law partner, Dan Smith and my associate attorney, Atiya Munroe both traveled to very different climates recently to spend time with their families.
  • The Best 4th of July Fireworks Guide in Orlando Looking for a fun event to celebrate the Fourth of July? I've rounded up some of the most stunning firework displays in Orlando. And the best part? All events are free!
  • The June Coye Law Newsletter I've been reminiscing on my most memorable travel experience - a trip to Egypt my wife and I took a few years ago. See why that made our trip even better!
  • Amber Williams on 2016 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list Congratulations Amber Williams! Amber was named on the 2016 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list.
  • Have you seen Coye Law Firm's #TBT? Coye Law Firm has come a long way since this photo was taken in 2002. In fact, everyone in this photo (besides my wife, Joan - bottom right), is now an attorney.
  • We want to feature your business in our newsletter We depend on our clients for business just as much as our clients depend on us. That's why we want to take the opportunity to give back. If you are one of our amazing clients that owns a business in the Orlando area, we'd love to feature you, your story, and your business in our monthly newsletter, The Coye Law Chronicle.
  • Where did I donate 650 books? A few weeks ago, I announced that I was donating Success for Teens books to any schools in Orlando that might find it helpful. The response was great! Mrs, Simon, a teacher from Evans High School reached out to request 650 books.