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  • Who is Coye Law Firm's newest attorney? Ursula became the newest attorney in our office when she was sworn into the Florida Bar last month. She is not new to our firm, however, and began working for Coye Law Firm in 2008.
  • The May Coye Law Newsletter I've been flying for over 20 years. When I bought my first plane, a Cessna 172, I forgot one crucial thing - I neglected to tell my wife...
  • Texting and Driving? Watch out for Textalyzer Textalyzer - the digital equivalent of the Breathalyzer, and a new provocative idea that would allow an officer to check your phone for recent activity.
  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month Trisha Viccaro lost her son, Garrett, in 2013 to a distracted driver. The 24-year-old was fishing with a friend off a bridge when a vehicle drove off the road, hitting and killing both men.
  • Lisiane Booz, 29, killed in hit-and-run crash 1) Look for surveillance cameras Do a survey of the area where the accident happened. A recording camera could be the key to finding the hit-and-run driver.
  • Be Kind to Lawyers Day April 12th is Be Kind to Lawyers Day! If you know a lawyer, be it a friend, family member, or even your own lawyer, take a moment to thank them today.
  • The April Coye Law Newsletter The April Coye Law Newsletter is here! Read about my law partner, Dan Smith and my speech to some fantastic young achievers from Operation ReachBack.
  • Coye Law Firm Dodgeball Team Brandishing neon shirts and colorful sweatbands, we joined a local dodgeball tournament in hopes of becoming the champs of Orlando!
  • 5 Things You Didn't Know About Milan My wife, Joan, and my daughter, Parker and I are visiting Milan, Italy and Paris, France for spring break. During a guided bike ride, we learned some interesting facts about the city.
  • The March Coye Law Newsletter The March Coye Law Newsletter is here! Read about the gift from my parents and grandparents that I cherish the most, Saints Academy's latest act of kindness, and how helping your child with homework might actually be hurting them!