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  • The March Coye Law Newsletter The March Coye Law Newsletter is here! Read about the gift from my parents and grandparents that I cherish the most, Saints Academy's latest act of kindness, and how helping your child with homework might actually be hurting them!
  • St. Patrick's Day Free Offer You're in luck! I'm offering an absolutely free print copy of my book until St. Patrick's Day. The first 10 people will receive a bonus Special Report and CD.
  • Success for Teens speech I spoke to a group of young men and women about the "Success for Teens" and how it can help them achieve their wildest dreams.
  • Coye Law February Newsletter As an injury lawyer, I take a lot of cases that tug at my heartstrings. Every once in a while, a case comes across my desk that's especially tragic...
  • A Lawyer's Valentine's Day Advice (For Men) If you’re like me, Valentine's Day (along with almost every holiday) sneaks up on us ridiculously fast. Since we can’t stop time from flying, the best we can do is assess our last-minute options.
  • Do You Need More Than One Lawyer? You might think that one car accident equals one case, but that is not always true. Sometimes, you may have multiple cases from one accident. The question you need multiple lawyers?
  • January Coye Law Newsletter The January Coye Law Newsletter is here!
  • My inspiration for "Sharing the Secrets, Learning the Lies" I had the pleasure of speaking to the Eau Gallie Captain's Table and share the story that inspired me to write my injury law book.
  • 9 Ways to Keep Your Lottery, Settlement, or Inheritance Whether it’s winning the lottery, receiving a large settlement, or inheriting a sizable amount, if you don’t know how to manage your money, you may go broke fairly soon
  • 9 New Year's Resolutions from Around the Office It’s that time of year again! The New Year represents a time to start fresh and create new goals and ambitions for yourself. See what members of the firm plan to do in the new year.