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  • 7 BEST Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day in Orlando In a city as big as Orlando, there are endless ways to appreciate mom! Check out this list of fun activities and places to add to your Mother’s Day schedule (some are even FREE!).
  • How we say thank you to heroes in our community Last Saturday, some members of the Coye Law Firm family volunteered at the Orange County Bar Association's "Wills for Heroes" event to say THANK YOU to the all the first responders in our community.
  • The April 2017 Newsletter is Here! Self-driving cars are on the open road in Pittsburgh right now and one day, these cars could become part of our daily lives. This could mean safer roads, faster commutes, and less accidents. But how will it affect personal injury firms?
  • 12-year-old boy drowns in hotel pool near Disney A 12-year-old boy drowned in the swimming pool at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress hotel near Walt Disney World. Here's what we would ask the hotel if we were helping the Smith family...
  • 16 "Hopping" Ways to Celebrate Easter in Orlando For this major holiday, countless Orlando communities and organizations gather annually to host Easter egg hunts, church services, and other fun events. Read below for some ‘egg-tastic’ local ways to celebrate with your family!
  • Meet the Law Clerks Have you met my law clerks, Matt, Stephanie, and Corinne? They're great at what they do, so why don't you put a face to the name, and learn a little more about the Coye Law Firm team!
  • Search for tractor-trailer that fled fatal crash Here's what we would do if we were helping the victim's family: 1) Send our private investigator out to the scene
  • The March 2017 Coye Law Newsletter is Here! Being disruptive — if I had a nickel for every time I heard that phrase. I can't lie: I was often told that I was a disruptive presence in the classroom, talking to my neighbor or sneaking a peek at a book from home
  • 10 Tips to Avoid IRS Scams and Protect Your Family If you get a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS and asking for immediate payment, here’s what you should do.
  • Celebrating National Women's Day...Pageant-Style! In honor of National Women's Day, the Coye Law Firm is proud to present legal intern, Abigail Cunnane as the new Miss Central Florida!