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  • Happy Holidays from Coye Law Firm! We've been feeling the Christmas spirit around the office and playing "Elf on the Shelf."
  • The December 2016 Coye Law Newsletter is Here! The December 2016 Coye Law Newsletter is Here! This time of year, as we send out the Christmas calendars, I'm always reminded of the amazing support and love for my family that our clients have shown over the years. But to fully explain that, I have to go back a bit...
  • The Coye Law family just got a little bigger! A big "Congratulations!" is in order because Attorney Amber Williams and her husband, Mason, recently announced the big news - She's pregnant!
  • The November Coye Law Newsletter is here! This monthly newsletter talks about helping our veterans, especially with the stigma of mental illness. As the holiday season is quickly approaching, we would like to encourage you and your family to stop by the office for a free Holiday Family Portrait!
  • Free Thanksgiving dinners in Orlando 2016 'Tis the season for giving, and these charities are cooking up a feast for those in need. Here is a list of charities and churches in Orlando serving free Thanksgiving dinners.
  • 12 Free Meal and Dessert Deals for Veterans Happy Veterans Day! Here are some of the best meals, deals and discounts in Orlando for veterans and active military members.
  • The October Coye Law Newsletter is Here 2016 Comebacks and second acts are a wonderful thing. A runner stumbles in the beginning, but brings home the win. A boxer falls to the ground after a heavy hit, but wins the final round.
  • 5 Best Halloween Events in Orlando for Families If Halloween snuck up on you so fast it's almost scary - don't worry. I've made a list of some FREE family friendly events happening in Orlando this weekend that are so great, even Trey would approve!
  • Recognize the guy with black hair? Joan and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary, and this fall I will have been practicing law for 27 years. I'm ready for another 25 years of each!
  • American drivers could learn from Germans... In Berlin, Joan and I visited the Berlin Wall (or at least what is left of it) and traveled on the German Autobahn, a highway road infamous for having no speed limits. I was driving at 120 MPH but other cars were zooming past me!