One of the Secrets in Personal Injury Cases

Many personal injury cases where liability is clear and there is adequate insurance to pay for losses can still be frustrating for the injured person and their family.

The frustration is usually worse when the accident was preventable or caused by someone’s carelessness, such as texting while driving, not paying attention to cars ahead, running red lights and so on.

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You would think that when someone has clearly and stupidly hurt someone, damaged their car, and inconvenienced them that settlement of their case would be quick and easy. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. If a case is settled promptly, it usually still leaves the insured person with additional problems and medical bills despite the “quick settlement.”

The problem is usually that medical treatment is either, inappropriate, missing or minimal. There are several reasons for inadequate medical treatment, such as lack of health insurance,

Since damages in personal injury cases are heavily influenced by the medical problems a person is having, the quality, type and duration of medical care are very important to the case outcome. Difficulty in locating a doctor who will accept health insurance and will agree to provide testimony if needed in court, or just flat out finding the time to actually go to the doctor on a regular basis.


To learn a more about one of the secrets in personal injury cases, see my video: Go to the Doctor!




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