In December, a 22-year-old Virginian woman by the name of Bethany Stephens was attacked and killed by her own pitbulls while walking through the woods with them. She had raised the two dogs herself, and according to family and friends, the two animals were loving and calm.

Bethany had tried to defend herself from the attack, but lost consciousness and was then mauled to death. Each dog weighed about the same as she did.

Pitbulls are notorious for their aggressive behavior. Dr. Richard Polosky, an animal behavior expert, believes that most owners love their dog so much that they ignore potential signs of anger and danger, thinking it's just a phase that the dog will get through.

Whether you have a chihuahua or a pitbull, any animal is capable of unexpectedly inflicting injury. The dog owner is always responsible in the event that their dog harms someone

Click here to watch the video above to learn about your legal options in the event that your dog bites someone, or you are bitten by someone else's dog.

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Wade Coye

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