You asked and the President delivered! There is a brighter future ahead for our Veterans and their families, as the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will be implementing unprecedented reform and improved customer support beginning June 6, 2019. 

Last year Congress passed legislation (MISSION Act) with the support of President Donald Trump that will change the VA Department forever. According to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie, the MISSION Act will help provide “state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and increased clinician recruiting and retention incentives, VA continues to enhance its coordinated care system through high-quality VA health care and community care provider networks.” This equates to easier access to medical care, more efficient clinicians, and better value for taxpayers. 


What to Expect?

1. Veterans that drive 30 minutes or more to access VA primary or mental healthcare will now have the option to choose a local provider closer to home. For Veterans receiving specialty care the drive must demand 60 minutes or more to qualify.

2. VA patients with a wait time of 20 days or more will be able to access local providers. For Veterans receiving specialty care, the qualifying wait time is 28 days.

3. Eligible Veterans will now have access to participating urgent and walk-in health care providers. (Access requires Veterans to choose a VA community care network and may be charged a copayment).


Secretary Robert Wilkie and the MISSION ACT:

“The MISSION Act is a vital part of this effort, giving VA the ability to implement the best practices we’ve learned in our nearly 75 years of experience offering community care. The core of the doctor-patient relationship is trust. President Trump promised Veterans that this core value would shape the VA. With the MISSION Act, the future of the VA healthcare system will lie in the hands of Veterans – precisely where it should be. That’s exactly what President Trump promised, it’s exactly what Congress voted for, and it’s exactly what VA will deliver to America’s Veterans.”


Here's a link to the legislation for further reference:

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