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Anyone who says that raising teenagers isn't challenging probably hasn't had much personal experience. As a father of five, I know first-hand that raising teenagers can be tough.  

By now, you've probably already heard about the free book and CD, Success for Teens, that my firm was offering a couple weeks ago. We ordered books in anticipation for back-to-school week, and received an overwhelming response! 

My team has been busily packaging your orders all week. Take a "behind the scenes" look at our packaging operation: 

Our interns, Stephanie, Ashton, Zahra, and Joshua have been especially helpful in this process. We appreciate your patience as we continue to package your orders. 


I hope every parent, grandparent, or teacher who receives Success for Teens finds it as helpful as we did.  

Have a safe Labor Day weekend! 

P.S. Need more absolutely free, helpful information? Get one of our special reports or personal injury book, Sharing the Secrets, Learning the Lies:


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