Happy October! As we welcome in the month of jack-o-lanterns and candy corn, we all begin the countdown to the one day of the year it's acceptable to accept candy from strangers: Halloween. As it continues on as a yearly holiday, do most people know how it actually originated?

Halloween began long, long ago among the Celtic people as the festival as Samhain. Their people would celebrate by lighting torches and bonfires to ward off ghosts as well as dress up in costumes. This day marked the beginning of their new year and cold weather, and the end of summer and harvest. Then in the eighth century, Pope Gregory III appointed November 1st to be "All Saints Day" to honor all the saints, which soon lead to include some similar traditions from Samhain. The night before this holiday was named "All Hallow's Eve" which later morphed into Halloween!

Over the years, Halloween became the holiday we know with its costumes, parties, trick or treating and scary stories. It's actually the second-largest commercial holiday in America, right behind Christmas! We spend $6 billion annually on Halloween in the US and one-quarter of all candy purchased annually is for Halloween. Only 29 more days till you can eat your fair share! I hope everyone has a festive October.

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