One accident, multiple cases – do you need multiple lawyers? 

Did you know multiple areas of the law can be involved in one accident? You might think that one car accident equals one case, but that is not always true. 

For instance, if you get in an accident while driving a company car, or running a work-related errand, you may have two casesan injury case and a workers’ comp case.

Now, that might not seem too complicated, but if the accident puts you out of work, you may have a short-term disability claim and possibly a Social Security disability claim. If a death is involved, there could be a wrongful death claim and even probate.


Why is this important to know?


Because it can cost you if your law firm does not know how to handle the significant interplay between multiple cases. Some lawyers can be too specialized in one area, costing you thousands of dollars.


For example, a while back, an injured worker came to us after his personal injury protection benefits had been exhausted and there were no funds left to pay his day-to-day bills. After taking his case, we found that his workers’ comp claim had never even been opened! Once we opened a workers’ comp case for this client, he was able to receive medical care and wage loss benefits that helped him pay his bills.


Managing multiple claims is complicated, but absolutely essential in order to maximize benefits for you.


If you have three cases, you don’t need three lawyers. Instead, you need a legal team that understands the relationship between multiple areas of the law. 



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