The government shutdown is currently the longest shutdown in history. For many federal employees, that means entering yet another month without pay.

The United States is the most powerful country in the world, and our government employees are in charge of keeping us safe.Yet these workers are not being paid, and some of them are expected to keep working!

TSA workers who watch for bombs and terrorists...

Food safety inspectors in charge of detecting food diseases...

Air traffic controllers who keep planes from colliding mid air and causing horrible deaths...

Coast Guard personnel who guard our coastlines...

All these workers responsible for keeping Americans safe are either not being paid, or being furloughed.

discounts for federal employees affected by government shutdown

Not getting a paycheck is something that unfortunately is all too familiar to clients who have had an injury or illness. We help with those problems and know its tough to make rent, mortgage or car payment without money.

The stress this may cause those struggling to provide for their families is unimaginable. You can stretch your income for awhile...but that soon comes to an end. And if legal issue crops up, you might be thinking, "Seriously?? What else could happen?"

While I can't offer a solution for helping government workers get a paycheck, I can help in other ways...

3 Exclusive Legal Discounts for Federal Employees

1) Free consultation for domestic matters ($75 value
2) Free consultation for probate matters ($75 value
3) 20% reduction of attorneys fees on personal injury cases (includes free consultation)

If you are a federal employee affected by the government shutdown, give my team a call today at (407) 648-4940. Mention this blog post, have your government I.D. ready and we'll make sure to apply your discount! 

And to all federal employees who are working without pay, thank you for your service.


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