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  • 5 Best Halloween Events in Orlando for Families If Halloween snuck up on you so fast it's almost scary - don't worry. I've made a list of some FREE family friendly events happening in Orlando this weekend that are so great, even Trey would approve!
  • Recognize the guy with black hair? Joan and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary, and this fall I will have been practicing law for 27 years. I'm ready for another 25 years of each!
  • American drivers could learn from Germans... In Berlin, Joan and I visited the Berlin Wall (or at least what is left of it) and traveled on the German Autobahn, a highway road infamous for having no speed limits. I was driving at 120 MPH but other cars were zooming past me!
  • Hurricane preparedness tip that could save you money Can you afford to lose thousands of dollars after a hurricane? Most people can't. But you would think so since many forget to take pictures and videos of their home.
  • Congratulations Marchella Tarr! Marchella found out that she passed the Florida Bar, making her the newest attorney at Coye Law Firm.
  • Dan Smith wouldn't be a great lawyer without... When Dan Smith was in high school, he got into a schoolyard altercation with another student. As punishment, he had to show up to wrestling practice. Little did he know, his wrestling coach - Coach Schultz - would make an impact on him that would last a lifetime...
  • The one damage that can cost you thousands! When someone damages your vehicle, it normally places you in a difficult situation. As many people know, the value of a vehicle diminishes the moment you drive it off the car lot. If you get in a wreck shortly after you have purchased a car, it is very difficult to break even on the repair bills.
  • Toddler bitten over a dozen times at day care Situations like these are devastating for parents. In fact, we had a client with a similar situation to Beebe's. This client, Paige, picked her son up from day care one day to find four bite marks on his skin. When the day care tried to blow the situation off, Paige realized she needed an attorney.
  • OPD cracking down on careless drivers in crosswalks Undercover officers will act as pedestrians in Operation Best Foot Forward. Drivers who don't yield will receive tickets or warnings.
  • Hospital staff illegally accessed records of Pulse survivors According to Orlando Regional Medical Center, staff members illegally accessed the personal private records of Pulse survivors three days after the attack because of “personal curiosity.”