Get Fit by Christmas!

Have you heard of the 
UP2 Activity Tracker by Jawbone? While shopping at an Apple store a few weeks ago, I noticed these nifty little fitness bracelets and I was immediately inspired.  

That day, the Coye Law Firm Step Challenge was born. 

Featuring a high quality step tracker, everyone in the office received their own UP2 bracelet and a mission: to have the most steps by our annual Christmas Party. 

Only 2 weeks into the challenge and while my wife Joan and I had a bit of an advantage last week walking around Barcelona and Paris, our office competitors have really gone "the extra mile."  

Litigation Assistant, Mary Kate, has been taking walks around College Park on her lunch break. 

Law Clerk, Stacey, has been taking her dog Basil on long treks around her neighborhood. 

Case Manager, Clinton, has swapped his usual bus ride home for a 4-mile stroll.   

With a cash prize on the line, this friendly competition is sure to heat up.  

The Leaderboard ranks the office's top competitors. Who will be in the lead next week? 

Stay tuned to witness the fitness,  

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