Make sure to wish our legal intern, Abigail Cunnane, “Good luck!” next time you see her because this weekend, she will be competing in the Miss City Beautiful scholarship pageant.   

The Miss City Beautiful pageant is a big deal. The winner will go on to Miss Florida, and the winner of Miss Florida will compete in Miss America

“I first started doing pageants when I was 18,” says Abigail. “I was recruited on a cruise ship and my friend suggested that I go for it.” Since then, Abigail has competed in Miss Florida three times. 

“My main incentive to participate in pageants was for scholarships,” says Abigail, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science: Pre-Law at the University of Central Florida. “Miss America remains the largest scholarship provider for women in the world.”


After graduation, Abigail plans to attend law school and practice estate law.


“Pageants have taught me so much,” says Abigail. “They’ve taught me the basics of public speaking and how to achieve my philanthropic goals. Pageants have also given me the opportunity to network, and volunteer for organizations like the Children’s Miracle Network.”


We wish Abigail the best of luck this weekend!



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