Do you remember our friends over at Saints Academy?

In 2015, we donated 120 copies of the Success for Teens books to a local, private Christain school and since the students got their hands on the book, they've been accomplishing some amazing things.

I recently received an email from the school's teacher, Claudee Faynik, and founder, Vivian Williams, with a quick update. These students have been hard at work providing for others in the most selfless ways!

I just wanted to share their extremely inspiring stories...

Dear Coye Law Firm,

Just a quick update to inform you of a few of the outreach programs that have spawned from your book Success for Teens.

This school year, the students of Saints Academy have actively worked as “saints” both in the community and hurricane ravaged areas of Puerto Rico and Houston. They led multiple “Change for Change” drives, collecting hundreds of dollars and survival items for Houston and Puerto Rico. School representatives delivered the items and financial assistance to those in need.

For Thanksgiving, we had the great honor of providing and delivering 100 grocery bags filled with meat, canned goods and fresh bread to the senior citizens residing at Magnolia Pointe off Mercy Dr in Orlando, Florida.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the High School students to get involved in the neighborhood and learn about giving and being thankful.

Just a couple of weeks after that, over one hundred gift bags containing socks, lotions, fresh fruit and candies were prepared and distributed with Christmas Carols at a local nursing home and rehabilitation center.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Coye Law Firm for teaching us that small, positive steps make a difference over time and that even our smallest actions create a ripple effect that can impact others.

Thank you for sharing your story, Saints Academy! 


Wade Coye
[email protected]
(407) 648-4940


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