How a Lawyer can help you deal with the Social Security Administration

Most people automatically assume that when applying for Social Security Benefits, you don’t need a lawyer unless your claim is denied. While it is true that, technically, you don’t need a lawyer, the benefits to having an experienced lawyer on your side, make the process much easier to handle.

First of all, an experienced Social Security lawyer has the expertise and background knowledge of the application and appeals processes that you may not know. A lawyer knows what information you’ll need to have together, what deadlines you’ll have to meet, and the overall process, from applying, to acceptance or appeals.

An attorney would also know whom to contact to get information from your file, along with medical records and other important paperwork, and they understand the correct way to request and submit it all. The most important part of filing a claim with Social Security is documenting your medical treatment, along with your disability, and how it is preventing you from working sufficiently.

Your attorney can also serve as moral support, as they know how to prepare you for hearings and interviews related to your application. Having an expert in the process on your side can only make applying or facing appeals easier.

When hiring a Social Security Attorney to represent you, it is important to remember a few things. You can appoint more than one person to represent you (as in more than one person from a law firm), however you must name them individually. Even if you make a contract with a firm, you cannot appoint the firm as a your representative.

You also must submit the names of your representation to the Social Security Administration in writing, by filling out the Appointment of Representative form. This must be done as soon as you choose a representative. It is important to note that the SSA must approve of the fees owed to the lawyer of your choosing. This is to ensure fair compensation.

If you need help with applying for or appealing the decision about Social Security benefits, you can contact an experienced Central Florida Attorney at the Coye Law Firm.

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