Do you know someone who struggles with a disability? Do you yourself have a disability?

May is National Disability Awareness Month! Some people are born with a disability, but others develop a disability through a serious illness or injury.

Most people think a disabling illness/injury will never happen to them. According to a LIFE survey, a person has a 30% chance of developing a disability that could keep them out of work for at least three months.

I don't know about you, but I can't afford to miss work for three months! Luckily, the Coye Law Firm attorneys are experts in Social Security, Veteran's, Short-Term, and Long-Term disability claims.

Meet the Coye Law Firm Disability Team! From filling out initial and appeal disability applications, ordering medical records, and attending hearings with clients, our team is here for YOU!

Marchella McGinnis is our disability attorney. She has been with Coye Law Firm for two years, after graduating from Barry School of Law in May 2016. She just recently welcomed her first child, Meila Ann, into the world! Read more about Marchella here.

David MacWilliams is the senior case manager in our disability department. He specializes in medical analysis and litigation case preparation applicable to Social Security Disability, and has been with Coye Law for 11 years! Read more about David here.

Abigail Cunnane is another disability case manager. She assists the attorney in managing clientele, organizing legal documentation, and filing appeals and initial applications. She is very active with the Miss America Organization, and is an avid philanthropist. Read more about Abigail here.

Luke Saha is the Social Security intern. He is an expert at ordering medical records! He is seeking a future career in Veteran's Disability. This is an area that hits close to home for Luke because his brother is serving in the military! Read more about Luke here.

Do you need help with Social Security, Veteran's Disability, or Long-Term Disability benefits? Call our office at 407-648-4940, and we would LOVE to see how we can help you!


Wade Coye

Disabled Veterans, Listen Up!

If you are reading this, you are probably a veteran struggling with the VA. Click here to request my book, and you will be squared away in no time!

From my book you will learn…

  • 5 things you can do to move your case along quicker
  • Why it takes so long to receive a decision
  • 6 tips for writing an email to your Congressman and/or Senator
  • How to create and authenticate your eBenefits account
  • What an "Awarded Benefits" and "Denial for Benefits" letter looks like
  • How to appeal a denied claim, and much more...
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