Back to school for students means boring classes, homework, and finally seeing friends after a long summer. Back to school at the Coye Law Firm means learning, goals, and growth!

Education is the most powerful investment for our future in America, as well as for our global future.

Youthful minds of today will soon become the great brains behind the most groundbreaking and revolutionary technologies, policies, and movements.

Here is how the Coye Law Firm is dedicated to higher education and bettering the learning of all students:

In January, we donated 650 copies of the book Success for Teens to the Freshman Success Program at Evans High School. The book focuses on important life lessons that every student should learn, and character development for long-term success.

We asked students to write an essay about how the book impacted their lives and how the book will help them achieve their dreams. Scholarships were awarded for the three best essays.

We were honored to be featured in the Evans High School newsletter!

Scholarships are a great way to earn free money for school.  There are scholarships out there for  almost everything, so keep  an eye on these opportunities for your children!

 "The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the  willingness to learn is a choice." -Brian  Herbert





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