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Last Saturday, Coye Law Firm attorneys Ursula, Atiya, and Amber, as well as Law Clerk Corinne, volunteered at the Orange County Bar Association's "Wills for Heroes" event to say THANK YOU to the all the first responders in our community. 

Each of the 110 heroes that we helped got to sit down one-on-one with an attorney to prepare their wills and ask any questions. There were also notaries and witnesses on site, which allowed all participants to leave with a fully executed legal will that day. 

"[Many of] the first responders were thanking us so much," said Attorney Ursula Remy. "But in reality, we should have been thanking them."

While 110 heroes received their wills, another 250 were on the wait list! To all of our first responders: it was, and is, an honor to serve YOU for a change! For more information on wills and living wills, click


Wade Coye


Disabled Veterans, Listen Up!

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