The December Coye Law Newsletter

The December Coye Law Newsletter is here!
Christmases Past 

Over the years, my perspective on Christmas has changed. Find out what made my last family Christmas one of the best I've ever had.
Click here to read about where my family went for Christmas last year.
Holiday Traditions Around the Office

From making DIY gifts, putting up 60,000 lights, and a figurine frog named Rupert - my team around the office sure has some interesting holiday traditions!
Click here to read about Rupert and more.

Preferred Shop Pressure

Bill Chalker of Feld Body Shop Inc. tells us what you need to watch out for when getting your car repaired after an accident. (Most people don't know this!)


Click here to get the scoop.

Teenage Saints

Our friends over at Saints Academy used the "Success for Teens" book we donated to do some amazing things! 


Click here to read about their Thanksgiving food drive. 



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