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What My Daughter Taught Me About Civic Duty

I come from a service family. My uncles served in the military and I followed in their footsteps. Joining the armed forces is a great way to give back to America, but it's not the only way.

My daughter Austin attended the University of Miami for medical school, and just had her white-coat ceremony. I'm impressed at how she's taken responsibility to do good in the world. Click here to learn about the public service work that Austin is doing.

High-Tech Office, Hometown Service

In a world where technology evolves constantly, law firms seem to be the last holdouts of a bygone era. Most attorney's offices still have binders of case files stacked to the ceiling and use more paper than a printing shop.

The Coye Law Firm doesn't shy away from seeking out ways to use technology to better serve our clients. Our philosophy is to embrace, adapt, and evolve. Click here to find out how we use the latest in technology.

Coye Law Firm's Review Allstars!

Every month we give a big shout-out here to clients who gave us referrals.

This month we'd like to recognize... Joseph Berrios, Alan Dreggors, Anita Bryant, and Nancy CourtrightThank you all for trusting us with the legal needs of your family and friends.

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Wade Coye

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