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Solving Legal Problems Near and Far
"Can you solve my problem?" More than anything else, this is what our clients want to know. Helping people is why I got into law in the first place, and I love taking problems and...Click here to continue reading.
SpotlightMeet the Law Clerks!

Have you met my law clerks, Matt, Stephanie, and Corinne? They're great at what they do, and if you're a client of Coye Law Firm, you've probably spoken to one of them on the phone before. So why don't you put a face to the name, and learn a little more...Click here to continue reading. 
SpotlightAre You Burning Out?
How to Fight Fatigue at Work


Everyone wants to be as productive as possible at work, but there can be a number of reasons that your output suffers over the course of your career. One such problem is job burnout, which can wreak havoc on your time management and the quality...Click here to continue reading.




SpotlightTreat Yourself on the Cheap
Frugality Doesn't Have to Mean Deprivation


Frugality might seem like a death sentence for fun, but if you're creative, it's more than doable to have a great time and still live well within your means...Click here to continue reading.









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